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Best unclogging methods for your toilet bowl under 10 minutes

Have you had any problems Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου– with your toilet bowl lately? Do you feel that it is almost clogged and it is not working normally? If you answered yes to the previous questions then you need to read this article as we are going to discuss the best unclogging methods for your toilet bowl under 10 minutes.

Toilet bowls tend to clog when you are not making a right use of them. Throwing paper towels in them or not cleaning them properly might lead to the toilet blocking or just not working properly. Fear no more because we have some great tips on how to unclog your toilet if needed.


The first and probably most effective way to unclog your toilet bowl would be to use a plunger. You can basically find one any big super market or at a hardware store. Plungers are using the pressure to release your pipes from whatever is blocking them.

Making continuous moves, push the plunger up and down your toilet drain to create the pressure needed to unclog it. It will probably take you between 2 and 10 minutes to do so, so be patient. If you do not make it then you will need to move to another method. We have some other methods Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς– that you can give a shot.

Wire hanger

The second method includes a wire hanger that all of us have lying around at our houses. You will use this hanger to make a do it yourself (DIY) snake drain. Snake drains are used to push or pull anything that is blocking your pipes and drain. Take the wire hanger and bend it until it is completely straight.

Use the one end of the hanger to hold it and the other to push or pull out anything that is blocking your toilet and creates overflow or abnormal function. Take your time and do not rush yourself. In a few minutes the paper or other item that is causing the blockage will be taken out and your toilet will return to its normal function.

This method might be very effective but it is also very invasive. The wire hanger could cause a great deal of damage to your pipes so please do not use force. If you try the hanger method and see no results move on to another method or call the professionals.

Hot water and soap

Hot water could not be missing off the list of the best unclogging methods for your toilet bowl under 10 minutes. Hot water works wonders in basically anything related to cleaning purposes. Before you try anything else, try using hot water and your purpose will be fulfilled!

In this case, take some dish soap and pour it in your bowl. It does not need to be fancy or anything special, regular dish soap will do the trick. Boil a kettle of water or a big pot of water, let it cool a little and then pour it over the soap. The dish detergent will act as a lubricant to help get the item that is clogging the bowl softer and the hot water will push any remainders right down the drain.

Be careful when using hot water though because you could crack your toilet bowl. Never throw boiling water directly to your toilet -especially during winter- as it could cause damage to it.

Use physics to unplug your toilet

This method is very similar to the plunger that is also using the laws of physics to help you get rid of your clog. It is basically a do it yourself plunger by using just a single plastic bottle of water. You will need a big bottle of water, a bucket and a pair of gloves.

Before we begin, we should tell you that this method could easily go wrong and definitely get a lot messy. Start of by removing as much eater as possible. You could use a small container and a bucket or even a vacuum for liquids (it just would not be sanitary). After removing the water, proceed to fill your bottle with hot -not boiling- water. Then you are going to need to wear your gloves.

Put your thumb at the edge of the bottle to block the water from exiting the bottle. Placing the bottle in the drain -with your thumb upwards- push the bottle to release the water down the drain. You could use the help of another person here for the pressure part. The water pressure could push whatever is blocking your toilet -Αποφράξεις Μαρούσι- to help release your pipes.

Professional drain cleaning crew

If you have tried everything we mentioned above or if you simply do not have the patience of unclogging the toilet by yourself then we suggest you to call a professional draining crew.  The experts will probably need more than 10 minutes to unclog your toilet but they will definitely have it done under 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the professionals will know how to deal with any additional damage that might occur while unclogging your toilet bowl such as a pipe burst for example, so you will be covered in case something like that happens.

If you are interested in a professional drain cleaning crew then you need to trust Αποφράξεις Αργυρούπολη for their excellent services and experience.

We hope that our best unclogging methods for your toilet bowl under 10 minutes were helpful and that you will try at least one of them before calling the experts.

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