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Straw bag for the beach or the city?

If you are a woman who follows fashion τσάντες γυναικείες– and is informed about the trends, then you must have seen the trend that is going on lately with the straw bags. You can find them in any size, color and texture and you can admit that they are really impressive. But you might be wondering where you can wear a bag like this one?

We have prepared a list of reasons and outfits that you can wear the straw bag in the city and of course at the beach! You can follow our tips to make the most impressive and fashionable appearances!


If you’re wondering with which outfits you can wear the straw bag we have your answers here. It really depends on the color of the bag that you were going to choose, as the straw bags can be either beige, brown, dark brown, even black. If this last summer we have seen the straw bag in other colors as well, such as bright red, yellow, fuchsia, white and many more.

So it depends on the on the color that you like and that you can support with your outfits. If you were going to choose an original beige or brown straw bag then we have some outfits to suggest. Of course you can wear it with jean pants and monochromatic tops such as a white shirts, black or any other color you love wearing in your everyday life.

You could top it off with a kimono, an embroidered jacket, a jean jacket, a leather jacket, basically anything you already own in your closet! It is pretty versatile and it will make your boring outfits stand out! You will just need to keep it quite simple and not add many silver or gold details because then it will be too much.


What better accessory outfit to take to the beach than a straw bag? The vibes that a bag like this brings out are tropical and exotic, as usually straw hand bags -τσάντες χειρός- are found in islands and other exotic destinations. These bags are perfect for a day at the beach because they can not get dirty because of their material, they can not be destroyed easily even when water falls on them!

If you choose a bigger straw bag, you can easily use it as your main beach bag. You will be able to fit towels, a change of clothes, your sunscreen, phone, keys and many more! If you are going to take good care of the straw bag you will be able to keep it for many years!


Did you know that straw bags can be worn in the city too? This might sound odd for some people because of the exotic character of the bag. But there are straw bags smaller than the larger ones that you can take at the beach so they are easier to fit in your everyday life at the city.

You can find a strap bag or a messenger straw bag –τσάντες χιαστί– that is small enough to keep your personal items in it such as your coin purse, your phone, a pack of tissues and anything else that you consider necessary. The defined structure of the straw bags makes them easy to carry and maybe leave on your table when you are going for a coffee or hang them on your chair.

You can easily accessorize your simple, plain straw bags with ribbons or scarves! It is a fun way to change the look of your bag and personalize it according to your needs. You can even pair the scarves with your outfits every day! This is a great way to have a “new” bag every time you are bored with the way your straw bag looks.

Why choose a straw bag?

If you are still wondering why should you buy a straw bag we are going to list you some of the reasons for which we support the straw bag. First of all it is a very fashionable piece that will for sure draw the attention on you. If you choose a fancy color like fuchsia, yellow or green, you are definitely going to make impressive appearances!

Secondly, the straw bags are the ultimate summer accessory because let’s face it; they remind us of white-sand beaches and palm trees! So you will need summer vibes even if you are going to spend your summer in the city! Lastly, they are sturdy bags that will last you forever if you will take proper care of them. Make sure to store them in a fabric bag during winter so that it will not get dusty!

From what materials are the straw bags made of?

The material of the straw bag plays a major role to its durability and performance. If you choose a cheap plastic-like bag then it will probably last you one summer. Look for sturdier bags that are made of natural Magadaskaris mat, bamboo, rattan, raffia, etc. If you manage to find one of the materials above then we advise you to go for it. It will look put together and it will definitely last for years!

Where to buy a straw bag?

If you are lucky enough to visit one of the countries that are making straw bags then you need to buy one asap! These countries will sell you 100% original. handmade straw bags tat will accompany you to your strolls for many years! You can also find the straw bags online from people who are hand-crafting them. They might be expensive but they are worth the money!

Last but not least, you can buy a straw bag at our e-shop where we have a variety of women’s purses and bags! Take a look at them and make sure to choose a bag that fits your everyday needs!

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