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Style and color painting

Make the style of your home, cottage or city, in New Jersey according to the shades that suit it. Because painting colors are not only about fashion but also decoration.

The painting color palette should reflect your taste and support the overall style of the house. See how you can give your space the feel, look and aroma of your favorite decorative trends.

If you have adopted the modern, contemporary style for your home, use a clean and neutral painting color combination. The walls should be from the wide range of shades of white, cream and beige, toner, gray or brown.

Choose fabrics and furniture in close tones, so that they compose a neutral theme, while the boldest painting colors are chosen for accessories – and sparingly.

Natural materials are ideally combined with white color in a cottage in New Jersey. In order not to become monotonous, include other painting colors in smaller doses, e.g. a blanket.

White is the ultimate painting color for the minimal and is the basis of this style, in walls, floor and furniture. Alternatively try neutral colors or colors of nature: beige, toner, stone colors or even green, which will be in a very light shade, cool and pale.

Use the above colors in most of the space and choose some more intense -but always harmonious- contrasting colors for some pillows, a vase, even an entire wall or a piece of furniture, e.g. a sofa.

Choose a single color for intensity. Do not try to combine more colors, because you will lose the simple, stylish result. Bright red is an impressive and always up-to-date intense contrasting color, but do not hesitate to choose your favorite color.

If your style loves island style, with its sparkling whites and bold contrasts, then Mediterranean colors should dominate. Adopt it by combining white with blue, light blue and bright green or pistachio. In some areas shades of yellow or terracotta are mixed with these shades, while brown and black are present in the finishes of the furniture. The painting colors that match the traditional village houses differ depending on the areas, the traditions and of course the local materials.

For a quiet, relaxing backdrop, paint the surface of a piece of furniture a color similar to the one you have chosen for the doors and windows.

They usually contain tones of low to medium intensity, such as light green, light blue, stone gray and earth red. The colors here do not have to be uniform. Get inspired by sun-dried fabrics.

A more modern version of your cottage could include red and black paint elements in its decoration. For example with the red terracotta you can line the floor of the house, while the black can be chosen more easily in the objects, e.g. wrought iron furniture.

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